About N.V.R

We are the next generation school. We have digital class rooms which not only makes it easy for the child to understand the subject well but also interesting and enjoyable. We work here to develop the child not only mentally but also emotionally and creatively. We don’t believe in enforcing some thing in the students but enhancing. Our way of teaching is completely child based. The school creates learning environment that will accommodate all individual learners providing them ‘opportunities’ to maximize their inherent potential.


The school was established in the year 2001. We wanted to create a school where we can make our kids disciplined and determined with which they can achieve distinction. We formed it for the betterment of the students, so that in a small place like Rayagada we can create an environment which can bring out the child abilities & develop them.

N.V.R on focus

  • Development of character
  • Broad outlook, with a spirit of tolerance
  • Application-based approach to education
  • Inculcation of good habits of behaviour, discipline and hygiene
  • To provide computer education to meet future challenges
  • Teaching of survival skills and self confidence
  • Empowerment to face challenges in life with fortitude and resourcefulness
  • Emphasis on co-curricular activities
  • Emphasis on indian cultural heritage